Some men want me as second wife –Eberechukwu Nwizu, actress

After emerging winner of the 3rd edition of Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) reality show, Eberechukwu Nwizu announced her presence in the Nigerian movie industry with her knack for role interpretation.

In this interview, the sexy screen diva reveals her secrets to attaining stardom, how she stays scandal free, reasons she turned down several marriage proposals and what acting has denied her. Enjoy it.

How did you cope during the COVID-19 lockdown?

It was one of the best things that happened to me. The lockdown months were intense moment of self-reflection and self-discovery for me. It’s why I am who I am right now. So, I thank God.

What new thing did you discover about yourself during the lockdown?

Oh yes. I cooked better, far better! I thought I knew how to cook but after the lockdown, I discovered that I cook far better. Plus I now bake well too. Also, I found out that I care a lot about people. Now, I invest more time in people and things that matter.

Female filmmakers are gradually taking over Nollywood these days, what’s your take on this?

I don’t think it’s a matter of taking over. It’s a matter of expression. Female filmmakers in Nigeria are expressing their God given talents and skills at the highest level and creating their own niche. Before, no one was giving them the opportunity. But now, you can’t deny that they know what they are doing. For me, it’s a case of do what you do well and the rest will fall into place naturally.

Tell us about your major achievements this year?

My directorial debut, Ask Gina. It’s quite an amazing achievement for me.

What are the major challenges you face as a celebrity?

Managing my time. So many apps, so many books to read, and many projects to work on, hence the need to be a master at time management.

Can you share an embarrassing moment you have had with a fan?

Someone thought I was Omoni Oboli. It wasn’t embarrassing but it was rather funny.

Looking back, what would you change if the hands of the clock were to be turned?

I would’ve made extra efforts to speak my language, Igbo. I speak Igbo but not like Phyno, if you know what I mean. I’m a proud Igbo girl. But the importance of learning one’s language wasn’t emphasized in my home, with all due respect to my wonderful parents. Maybe my words today will help other parents locally and globally to realize the importance of language culture at home. Just like my birth name, Eberechukwu, which means God’s mercy and favour, I sound like a super hero. No more shortened form, I’m sticking with Eberechukwu.

As a single parent, what lessons did motherhood teach you?

Motherhood is a crown, only the strongest will survive.

What’s your relationship with your baby’s daddy?

That is my private life. Marriage? I welcome marriage. The challenge is I just have to make time to get married.

What are your relationship goals?

Putting God first. Everything else naturally follows suit; and then, money, beauty, time management, strength of character and sex.

What kind of man would you not date?

It’s probably a man who doesn’t forgive easily or care about others except himself, his immediate environment, staff, and parents.

Let’s talk about liposuction. Would you go under the knife to enhance your body?

Liposuction is a gift to humanity from science. But I haven’t thought about going under the knife.

What movie project are you currently working on?

It is a movie about women who are trying to save their marriages. It features myself, LD Wolfie from Ghana, and Uche Elendu. The movie is about friends who are basically interested in helping each other save their marriages.

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made for your career?

I can no longer walk freely on the street, like going to the Mallam next door to buy something. Also, there are some people out there that I feel some likeness for, but I feel I will end up being a trophy wife and then I would be unable to fulfill my divine purpose on earth. So, I had to turn down several proposals because of drags. But I know that when I see a genuine person, he would be able to accommodate my divine purpose.

Was there a special quality that assisted you in elevating your career?

My case has been very different. It has been a situation of trial and error. If something doesn’t work for me, I switch to the next strategy. I like to sleep peacefully at night, so I do things that wouldn’t hurt anybody and that can make me move to the next level. Whatever skills I have to learn, I learn it because my career is 1% talent and 99% socializing. I have learned to improve on my social aspect, as that is what the business is all about. So, I had to change from being an introvert to extrovert.

Which of your movies would you say gave you the biggest break?

I will start with Singles Note for my first break; I also did Tiwa’s Baggage and then The Ghost and The Tout, and a couple of others. They were released in the cinemas and people never stopped talking about them. As a matter of fact, that was when I started being taken seriously.

What attracted you to the man you’re currently dating?

He is a people’s lover. He cares a lot about people irrespective of their age. He has genuine affection towards people generally.

Can it be described as love at first sight?

I think it was ‘like at first sight’. We all know that the devil can also be tall and handsome, so sometimes you just have to spend time with the person first so you don’t end up marrying a Lucifer.

How have you managed to stay scandal free?

If you check me out on Google, I have a few scandals. But it’s always about ‘oh, Ebere party a lot’ kind of thing. It is usually not life threatening kind of scandal.

What’s the misconception that you think people have about you?

People think I am not proud of my country. I think it’s a big misconception because Eberechukwu is a very proud Nigerian girl.

Have you ever been proposed to by a married man to be a second wife?

Yes, several times I have been asked to be a second wife, but I thought it was really funny to be one.

Have you had your own share of sexual harassment?

I have never been sexually harassed in the industry. Thank God.

How do you handle men that want to have an affair with you just because they see you on screen?

It doesn’t really make me feel special. Everyone likes something that is shining and beautiful like gold. If I wasn’t on TV, the pressure may not be as much as it is now. But because I am on TV and good at what I do, people would always want a bit of that. So, for me, I don’t think it’s flattering but a natural thing.

What usually inspires the character you interpret so perfectly in movies?

I can’t even take the credit; it’s a divine gift. Also, I literally practice everyday. Before I take up any project, I do a lot of research. So, it’s a continuous learning process for me.

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