Skincare mysteries: 5 motives pimples might damage your big day

One of our greatest nightmares is to wake up on one of the biggest days of your life only to see a giant pimple on your face.

It’s funny how pimples appear on a big day you have been anticipating, for instance, your wedding, graduation or birthday.

Have you ever wondered the reason for this pimple outbreak? Knowing what prompts it will help you prevent it.

So why are you breaking out? This is why;

  • Stress

Stress and lack of sleep cause the hormone androgens to be produced in excess and, this causes the sebaceous glands to produce oil.

When people are going a lot at work or school, or are going through the rigours of planning a wedding or an event they start breaking out.

  • Food

Eating food that is high in carbohydrates can cause pimple breakout. According to Dermatologists, foods with high sugar can cause inflammation in the skin.

Dairy products like milk and butter also cause pimple breakouts. Also, overeating food that contains too much fat or is fried and processed can trigger pimples.

  • Drugs

Some drugs like steroids, hormonal pills, some anticonvulsants can also cause pimples

  • Hormonal imbalance

Changes in hormones ovulation or before periods plus, changing birth control pills can cause hormonal imbalance that leads to pimple breakouts.

So if you are preparing for a big day and you are trying to avoid pimples as a surprise guest, be mindful of these things

  • Hygiene

It is important to keep a clean hygiene. Poor hygiene might be a reason pimples can break out on your face on your big day.

Clean your skin and face regularly especially twice daily including just before you go to bed.

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