Popular Human Right Activist, Reno Omokri accused of Plagiarism.

The Nigerian popular human right activist and lawyer, Bemigho Reno Omokri was accused of plagiarism for his contents on Facebook, He has however found the South African lady, named Pinkie M Kganyetsi who has been stealing his intellectual contents for months and posting on her Facebook page.

Renos Nuggeteers as he popularly calls his followers has turned out in their numbers to report her account and it seems her account has been suspended by Facebook.

In his exact words, Reno Omokri said.

Just imagine! This lady from South Africa, named Pinkie M Kganyetsi has become an Internet sensation by stealing all my posts.

She cleverly removes my hashtag and has become very popular in her country on my intellectual property. She is celebrated by the media for her rare wisdom.

She even lied to her followers that she traveled to Norway and took the photo that I took. And someone came to my profile to accuse me of plagiarism and lying. I was confused, until I went to her profile.

She had preemptively blocked me on all platforms. I had to search for her via my personal assistant’s profiles. You can just imagine the impunity. It has been going on for years.

I am short of words! I watched the mindless looting there last month and I thought that was the worst I would ever see. I never though someone there would also loot my intellectual property so brazenly!

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